LocalStack support for Amazon MemoryDB for Redis

Our team currently use LocalStack for SQS mocking but we have to add a proxy for MemoryDB. It would be a useful feature to have MemoryDB for Redis be part of the LocalStack list of aws supported services

Hi — Thank you for reaching out to us. We are looking into the service currently. Would you like to share an example of how a mock/emulated implementation for MemoryDB for Redis look like for you? If you have some end-to-end workflows or examples we can fully emulate for you, that would be helpful! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey So sorry for the delayed response, I didn’t realize someone replied until now. So currently we use a standard redis image inside our docker compose to replicate the service. Sadly since we work with sensitive data I am unable to share directly any example. However, I think the use case here is to be able to just connect to the memoryDB through localstackk just like what we are doing with the SQSs. :slight_smile: Thank you so much for looking into this!

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Hey Christian @weironiottan! The latest version of localstack contains a basic version of MemoryDB, which will be officially released with 3.1 tomorrow! Here’s a link to the docs: MemoryDB for Redis | Docs