Making a lambda result trigger other lambda


I’ve been working a while with LocalStack and now I’m facing a problemfor which I haven’t been able to find a solution.

I have a series of lambda functions that triggers when receiving a Kafka message. When I create one lambda, the cluster and the eventmap for a certain topic, it triggers as it should. This happens with all my lambdas.

The problem is that some of these functions, ends sending a message to another topic, and this message is the trigger for the next lambda. However, when I upload and link all lambdas to their topics, only the first one uploaded and linked works, the rest does not trigger, nor with the output message of the original lambda nor when writing a message directly in their topic, nonetheless if I use the “invoke” with the properly payload, they work as expected.

I’m sending the messages using an Emitter.

I’m using latest localstackpro image.

Someone knows what could be happenning here? Has anyone faced a similar issue? Is it a configuration problem?