OpenSearch kuromoji tokenizer plugin

I want to specify the kuromoji tokenizer plugin for OpenSearch, but it seems that localstack does not support the kuromoji plugin. Is it possible to add any plugin?

Hi @enom!
Thanks for your request!
I just created a PR to add this plugin to the set of default plugins installed in OpenSearch: add OpenSearch analysis-kuromoji plugin by alexrashed · Pull Request #10001 · localstack/localstack · GitHub
I expect this PR to land in the latest image sometime next week. :slight_smile:
Please let me know if you have any other questions or issues.

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@ alexrashed
Thanks for response!
This is huge update for me, Thanks so much!

That’s great to hear. By the way, the PR has been merged and the feature has already landed in localstack/localstack:latest and localstack/localstack-pro:latest. :slight_smile: