Remote docker host. How to?

Hey Guys, Can you tell me or refer to a document describing how I can properly use a remote docker host. I have configure docker context using which I am able to deploy the localstack pro container to a remote machine.
Now how I can use that machine? Our project uses SQS, S3, DynamoDB, Secrets etc. Using cdklocal to run bootstrap and further deploy lambdas. How I can make cdklocal to use the remote localstack docker deployment. I see this error as of now:

failed bootstrapping: UnknownEndpoint: Inaccessible host: `' at port `4566'. This service may not be available in the `us-east-1' region.

Please let me know if other info is needed. Using the latest docker image.

Hi @aditya333,

Please have a look at our GitHub repository for cdklocal. We offer customization by using the environment variables.

The following environment variables can be configured:

  • AWS_ENDPOINT_URL: The endpoint URL to connect to (combination of USE_SSL/LOCALSTACK_HOSTNAME/EDGE_PORT below)
  • EDGE_PORT (deprecated): Port under which LocalStack edge service is accessible (default: 4566)