Step Functions does not support ECS

6:48:04 AM | CREATE_FAILED        | AWS::StepFunctions::StateMachine | BuildSourceCodeWor...ateMachine67076E41
An error occurred (InvalidDefinition) when calling the CreateStateMachine operation: Error=NotImplementedError Args=["Unsupported service: 'ecs'."] in definition '{"StartAt":"Update Deployment: Status=BUILD_IN_PROGRESS","States"

I am trying to deploy a step functions workflow with AWS CDK but it seems step functions does not support the ECS service type

Hello @Utibeabasi,

At this time, ECS is not yet supported; however, we are actively working on its implementation.

The supported services are

  • Lambda
  • SQS
  • StepFunctions
  • DynamoDB
  • ApiGateway
  • SNS
  • Events,

and the operations

  • waitForTaskToken
  • sync
  • sync2

We have documented this here: Step Functions | Docs