Support for AWS Events

Does localstack support the generation of AWS events out of the box?

My use case is the testing of an AWS lambda function that is triggered when a new RDS cluster is created. When I try to simulate this behavior by create an RDS cluster in localstack, no event gets triggered, even though I have configured the rules in EventBridge.

Thanks a lot

Hi! We don’t support these automatic events triggered by AWS resources yet but it’s a good idea and we should definitely pursue it :+1:

To understand your use case a bit better, could you describe what you’d trigger based on the cluster creation?

Hi @dominikschubert ,

Thanks for the info. I agree with you, it would be a great feature.

The use case revolves around performing operations using lambda functions that are triggered by these events. In my case, one of them is to generate credentials automatically when a new RDS instance is created and store those in a password manager solution.