Using copilotlocal?

Wondering if I can use localstack if I have configured on AWS some remote environments, in particular I want to use addons (it seems that it has cloudformation, so seems possible).

Just downloaded localstack and ran make deploy and make send-request as on quickstart and all good.

Then I moved to which I have already used but on init I got this output:

% copilotlocal init
Note: It's best to run this command in the root of your Git repository.
Welcome to the Copilot CLI! We're going to walk you through some questions
to help you get set up with a containerized application on AWS. An application is a collection of
containerized services that operate together.

✘ ask app init: get credentials of session: NoCredentialProviders: no valid providers in chain
caused by: EnvAccessKeyNotFound: failed to find credentials in the environment.
SharedCredsLoad: failed to load profile, .
EC2RoleRequestError: no EC2 instance role found
caused by: EC2MetadataError: failed to make EC2Metadata request
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<Error><Code>NoSuchBucket</Code><Message>The specified bucket does not exist</Message><RequestId>c71570b2-0857-40b0-a6b7-daa01b4faa0d</RequestId><BucketName>latest</BucketName></Error>
	status code: 404, request id: 

What should I do now?

NOTE: after make it run what I want to test the pipeline wondering if it will work or no…