When to expect lambda static worker in Localstack V2?

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We were using local lambda executor in localstack v1 and It was mentioned that static workers for lambda will be available in localstack V2 as a deplacement for local executor soon. Could you please tell when to expect this functionality?

Hi there, we’re using LS Lambda feature as well, and I’m trying to figure out what’s the lightweight approach when the lambda function is a dependency during integration test and not the subject of the test. Right now in V2, as far as I understand there’s no easy way to do this. A real lambda has to be spun up. I asked the question here. Still waiting for a reply.
Can you please share a bit more details of your use case or point me to the documentation. Thanks.

Thank you @achubatiuk and @culture_tires for reaching out regarding “Lambda static worker”

We currently collect more feedback about the scenarios where such a feature would be strictly necessary. In most cases, we highly recommend mounting the Docker socket /var/run/docker.sock into the LocalStack container to benefit from our new Lambda implementation.

Do you have an urgent reason that prevents you from mounting the Docker socket (e.g., BitBucket Pipeline comes with a lot of restrictions)?

@culture_tires I replied to your other question here.

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Hi @joe4dev
We’re running Localstack in Gitlab CI (self hosted on EKS) service for testing and we have lot’s of serverless apps to be tested. Company policy forbids using privileged containers for CI that is a reason why DIND is not an option for us and we’re waiting for static localstack workers

If I understand this correctly, we’d be happy to have this feature as well. For our use case (simple mocked Lambda functions) spinning a docker container is overkill. Running it on Apple Silicon M2 feels slower as well (I have to prove this, but I suspect it’s due to the mismatched architecture.) Thanks.