State machine events disappear

I start build a step machine locally.
and in the beginning when the event was under the 100 events was how to me the events on the ui
but now I add a few more steps and over the 100 events all the website events is disappearing.
and its failed and I can not know why

Hi @omercohen,

Would you be able to provide some screenshots and explain the procedure for reproducing the issue? Thanks.

add screenshot error image

Recording Link:

Hi @Marcel , I forgot to tag you.
can you look on it?

Hi @omercohen, would it be possible to provide a minimal reproducible example of the state machine? I tried with an infinite loop, but my browser starts slowing down faster than I get any errors at around 200K events

hi @vladdy,
I do not have a ininity loop but my state machine has many conditions and any steps.
every time I just add one step, and untile the orders everything was work and in order is the same mechanism like all others process
api => go save if has data => check it need to run api again else go to next.
try to add my cloud formation template be is to big to add it

@vladdy, @Marcel
I got the same error now even process are succeeded
I remove the orders and stry with until the product and the process success but in the event list is empty.

as you can see on the pictures:

Hi @omercohen , if your cloudformation template is too big could you try to put it in something like or spread it across multiple messages? I cannot reproduce your issue so I would need an example to be able to debug this

@Marcel , @vladdy
adding the could formation template as you mentioned
CloudFormation Template

someone can help
I write it more than month and no one does not help
@lucapive or @vladdy or the other can hadrestand why I do not have the events. in localstack ui even I have a success process?

Hi @omercohen, thanks for sharing the stack.

The stack, however, can not be easily used to reproduce the issue due to other dependencies and missing resources. Cloud you please provide a minimal reproducible sample that would help us to debug the issue, otherwise it is very hard to guess what might be going wrong