Can't view Authorizers of API Gateway in Resource Browser

I’m trying to set up an API Gateway that makes use of a custom Authorizer. When trying to inspect the state of the Authorizer in the Resource Browser I get an error message: “Please purchase a subscription if you want to access pro services in the resource browser”. I activated a trial subscription to get around this for now as I am still in an evaluation phase, but I am still blocked by this error message.

Is this intentional? I would have assumed the point of a trial is to be able to trial the pro features, Resource Browser and all.

Actually I can’t interact with any “Pro” resource in the Resource Browser. I guess I don’t understand the point of a trial if I can’t use anything beyond the free features.

Since creating this post I’ve created an issue on GitHub and also solved my own problem. I was using the localstack/localstack image and not localstack/localstack-pro, using the pro image enables the pro features.